Get the Training You Need to Become a Security Officer

Sign up at our security and firearm training academy in Lynchburg, VA

If you're on the path to becoming a security officer, First Defense Security & Investigations can help you take the next step. We provide the required courses at our security and firearm training academy in Lynchburg, VA. You'll learn everything you need to fulfill your training obligations from an experienced security company.

From dealing with disasters like fire and acts of terrorism to writing reports, we'll teach you every aspect of being an effective armed or unarmed security officer. You can also sign up for an optional one-day shotgun course for additional training. Get the training you need for your certification by contacting our security and firearm training academy today.

FDSI provides a variety of courses so you can get the proper training for your intended career path. You can attend...

  • Armed security training centered around teaching the basics of law, correct firearm handling and general arrest procedures
  • Unarmed security training that teaches everything from reading Miranda rights to conducting searches and using handcuffs properly

Ask about our current schedule when you call 434-439-2722.